Hire Laravel Developers For Customized Solutions

Unleash the full potential of your Laravel projects with Techpotam’s team of experienced Laravel developers. Now you can avail the services of Laravel developers who provide web services to enhance your business growth.

Wide expertise of our skilled Laravel Developers

Our Laravel developers also have expertise in many plugins and tools. This means we do our best to find the right candidates for your business needs and always deliver the best results.

Laravel Web Development

Hire an experienced Laravel web application developer to create a secure, high-performance website.

E-learning software development

Laravel Extension Development

We drive continuous development of Laravel to improve website performance and improve overall user experience.

Laravel Customization & Integrations

The Laravel development team oversees the integration and customization of third-party APIs to meet the unique needs of your business.

Laravel Migrations & Updates

Seamlessly switch between different Laravel platforms and stay informed with regular updates with new features from Laravel developers.

Laravel Support & Maintenance

Take advantage of 24/7 expert Laravel development support and monitoring to resolve any business issues you may face.

Custom Software in eCommerce

Laravel eCommerce Development

Our team of Laravel experts is dedicated to creating unique e-commerce applications and expanding your business’s online presence.

Laravel Application Development

Hire Laravel developers to create rich and versatile mobile applications.

Laravel Cloud Service

Laravel developers also provide Laravel cloud services such as server configuration, deployment, and optimization.

Laravel ERP development

Hire a Laravel developer who knows how to develop a complete ERP system, including staffing, inventory, manufacturing, and mobile integration.

Custom Software for User Experience

Fluent process to hire Laravel developers

Ask a question

If you have any initial questions, you can contact our support team via live chat, email, or support ticket.

NDA Agreement

Once a reasonable price and time frame is agreed, we will assign a Laravel developer to your project.

Project review

Our marketing team uses Agile methodologies to compile project documents, wireframes and deliverables.

Building code

Laravel developers start writing the code and provide all updates related to the project.

Examine & testing

Our software testing team reviews the program through manual and automated testing before delivering the software to the production environment. 

Support & maintenance

We provide free support to correct errors for one month after delivery. We also offer additional medical coverage.

What makes Techpotam best for hiring Laravel developers?

Our Laravel developers have been hand-picked and tested based on their skills, English knowledge and culture to match your collaboration. You can discuss any issues, concerns or start-up process with our recruitment experts and get your partnership started quickly.

Time-zone flexibility

Our team of programmers, developers and designers can provide instant service to customers around the world, regardless of time difference.

Deadline oriented

Our commitment to deadlines gives you the certainty that we can complete your project within the agreed deadlines.

Qualitative outcomes

We guarantee the superior quality. Rigorous testing and safety procedures ensure your results meet the highest standards.

End-to-end support

We provide full support from design to delivery, making your work efficient and successful.

Flexible hiring

We strive to make the recruitment process simple and hassle-free. We offer flexible integration models to meet your unique needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best Laravel developers can be selected based on their knowledge of the Laravel framework and years of experience in developing Laravel applications.

Hiring a Laravel developer may cost between $25 – $35 per hour, but it can vary according to your requirements and project’s complexity. At Techpotam, we’ll ensure the best possible rate to meet your core requirements.

There are certain common tools and technologies that Laravel developers should be good at. They include:

  • Good knowledge of PHP, SQL, HTML and MVC architecture.
  • Expertise with RESTful APIs.
  • Command in database designing.

Laravel provides the security and scalability needed by partners, so that it can be used effectively to develop large applications. With a strong ecosystem supported by a large community of PHP developers, Laravel provides solutions for almost every software project need. It is open source and its functionality can be modified and extended.