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Rishabh creates unique solutions that use innovative technology to assist industrial organizations in making data-driven choices. Whether you are a startup, a small business, or a large corporation, our comprehensive range of industrial software development services will help you enhance efficiency.

Custom Software Development Solutions For Manufacturing Businesses

Techpotam has been developing unique software solutions for the industrial industry for many years. Our skills enabled us to win the trust of numerous businesses and become a trusted growth partner.

Product management software

Rishabh’s unique software and solutions may improve your production processes, scheduling, and capacity planning. For key data-driven choices, it would rely on automation and analytics.

Custom ERP development

We provide ERP development services that allow you to create and configure industrial processes as well as automate configuration based on the demands of your clients.

Inventory management software

We help you expedite orders and improve inventory efficiency as a provider of manufacturing software development services by building complete order and inventory management software.

Workflow automation software

Our workflow automation solutions, such as planning automation, procurement automation, and compliance automation, can help you improve the efficiency of your industrial operations.

Employee management software

A workforce management system will improve many areas of personnel management operations by providing features such as precise labor deployment, cost control, employee empowerment, and compliance management.

Supply chain management

Implement supply chain management systems to determine the location of commodities, monitor storage conditions, and meet delivery requests to control the flow of your products.

Manufacturing Software Development Services With Ideal Integrations

Technological Innovations

To increase productivity and save costs, use current technology such as AI, IoT, industrial robots, and smart manufacturing.

Third-Party System Integration

Our manufacturing software development solutions can be incorporated effortlessly into your company infrastructure, as well as other third-party systems and hardware.

Comprehensive Development

Based on your business requirements, our professionals with expertise in software development can offer solutions for all platforms such as desktop, mobile, or embedded.

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Tech Features That Make Our Manufacturing Software Development Best

User Behavior Analysis

We assist manufacturing firms in improving their customer service by building AI-based applications that identify how customers engage with services or goods and give tailored experiences based on behavior analysis.

User Behavior Analysis
Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Our team creates extremely accurate AI models to improve maintenance operations by analyzing historical data such as vibration level, electrical current, and the sound produced by the equipment.

Business intelligence (BI) Integration

Get rid of siloed data and utilize BI to manage staff and machine performance, decrease operational mistakes, and remove possible bottlenecks during the manufacturing cycle.

Business intelligence (BI) Integration
Product Quality Control

Product Quality Control

Get rid of siloed data and utilize BI to manage staff and machine performance, decrease operational mistakes, and remove possible bottlenecks during the manufacturing cycle.

What Makes Techpotam The Right Choice?

Techpotam recognizes the importance of efficient operations in the manufacturing business, thus it provides technology-driven software tools to assist enterprises in meeting their objectives.

Certified professionals

A heterogeneous team of software developers, UX/UI designers, and QA engineers with hands-on commercial expertise in industry-specific software projects make up our company.

DevOps practices

Our extensive industry experience enables us to create business-oriented apps that precisely fit the requirements of your company’s domain.

Budget-friendly solutions

Reduce operating expenses by utilizing emerging technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, blockchain, and IoT.

Value-driven approaches

With honesty, consistency, and a transparent approach, we support manufacturers and give great business value.

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