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Techpotam carefully understands the necessity of building a website as a reliable web development agency in Canada. From research and planning to design and development and user and browser testing, we cover everything for you. Regardless of whether you are a startup or a well-known company, we ensure that your website fulfils your objectives and is brand-consistent.

Unlock innovative solutions by a creative web development company in Canada

SemiDot Infotech is a pioneer in the design and development of enterprise websites that optimise ROI and generate greater conversion rates. We are a reputable company that offers full-stack website development services, from front-end to back-end development, to create websites that are user-friendly, safe, and responsive.

Custom web development

Regardless of their size, complexity, or scope, we provide a broad range of web application development services to enable organisations to utilise the solutions in accordance with their business needs. You’ll receive effective web apps from our knowledgeable website developers in Canada that will have better user experience and company recognition.

Web portal development

As a rapidly expanding website creation business in Canada, we have also worked with collaborative website development, which creates web portals that serve as entrance ways to various online services & resources. These portals are designed for a range of users, including companies, clients, online shoppers, social network users, vendors, and others.

PWA development services

With our cutting-edge progressive web app development services, you can delight your users and increase conversion rates. Our PWA development services also assist organisations with simple setup and usage, push alerts, offline functionality, and enhancing their online visibility.

API development & integration

As a well-known web development agency in Canada, we offer services including API development, system integration, and security and performance testing of APIs. These services include data transmission between systems, automation, management of business operations, and improvement of productivity and operational efficiency.

UI/UX design
for web

Our talented UI/UX web designers produce outstanding digital experiences that encourage engagement and enjoyment from users. Users are a company’s first concern, thus we operate with the minimum objective of giving them the highest level of happiness while employing the greatest web design tools.

Web redesign & optimization

We offer complete website design and development services, including website remodelling and maintenance. The greatest approach to keep visitors on a website is to adapt it to changing demands and trends. Consistent website upkeep also helps to enhance traffic, user engagement, and search engine ranking.

Let's Create Big Stories Together

Web development is in our DNA. We don’t just craft websites, we shape brands. Selecting us will be your smartest choice.

Key USPs that make us your preferred web agency Canada

Canada is home to a large number of web development businesses, but Techpotam stands apart. We make sure you comprehend every step of the web design and development process by streamlining it completely.

Mobile-ready solutions

It should come as no surprise that mobile web design is more significant than ever as the world becomes more digital. Being a creative web design agency Canada, we ensure that websites are well-optimised for mobile devices. This entails creating user-friendly interfaces and making sure that websites load quickly, among other things.

Tailored with superiority

Your firm will not find a universal answer through web development. In order to be prepared for any obstacles a project may provide, our strategy has always been to keep a passion for learning alive. Our website developers in Canada perform performance-oriented tasks to nurture your product so that your business gets a valuable makeover.

Adhere to the latest trends

There is no denying that the field of web design is ever-evolving. When something was innovative, it quickly became antiquated, and new trends were always being created. As an innovative website development company in Canada, we are always on the lookout for fresh trends and techniques to streamline bespoke creation.

Let’s build a great website together

Now it’s your turn to own a feature-rich web solution. And when it comes to web development services, hire web developers who can turn your vision into reality.

Our fluent process as a trusted web design & development company in Canada

Beyond providing ordinary tech services, Techpotam’s experts guide customers through the whole product development and deployment process. With the help of our web developers in Canada, we keep the process completely transparent, strict to deadlines, and on a friendly budget.

Discovery & planning​

When you discuss your problems and ideas with us, our web development specialists will provide solutions that are technically feasible. We take into account an industry’s functioning, emerging trends, and general market environment. Every SolveIt proposal is customised for each customer and addresses their particular business demands.

Prototyping & designing

In order to prototype the idea, it is helpful to define the problem’s scope clearly. This establishes a strong platform for future web and mobile development. Wireframes, processes, and navigation are the main topics. Additionally, we base the design of the next solution on the preferences of the customer.

Development & optimization

Both the front end and the back end of your application are handled by us. Our front-end and back-end web developers put a strong emphasis on user experience, interfaces, and adaptability. Our solutions are dependable, scalable, and high-performing. During this phase, we also create appropriate integrations.

Testing & quality enhancements

Our teams pay close attention to the validation of created solutions. To ensure we meet the quality criteria, we evaluate the functionality, usability, and performance of the website and application on many devices. Through testing, we take care to look for broken links, performance issues, security upgrades, etc.


The Techpotam team launches the website on a live server at this stage, enabling public access. To make sure that it works with a variety of user environments, they also test the website on numerous web browsers and gadgets. Additionally, they guarantee that the website is set up correctly to manage traffic and run well.

Support & maintain

Our development team may offer continuous upkeep and support for the website, including updates, bug repairs, and security patches, at the client’s request. Additionally, they keep an eye on website performance and make changes to enhance user experience. We guarantee that the website adheres to the most recent security guidelines and trends.

A complete web agency in Canada with a wider tech stack

Frontend development technologies

Our front-end web developers in Canada use coding languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to produce a website design that exudes an amazing vibe through its colours, types, icons, and pictures. A website’s appearance across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices is taken into account during front-end development.

Backend development technologies

The code that drives all website activities is written and maintained by our back-end web developers in Canada. They use Java, PHP, Ruby, Ruby On Rails, C#, and MySQL, which are supported by MySQL, Postgres, or MongoDB. Data flow and transactions are performed correctly thanks to this code, which links the website to the server.

Fullstack development technologies

Our full-stack developers know all phases of development, from the server side to the user interface, depending on the complexity of the project. Despite the fact that a lot of full-stack engineers still concentrate on only one component of web development, their wealth of knowledge is useful for problem-solving and expediting builds and redesigns.

Delivering excellence with complete perfection in web development

When bringing a vision to life in a way that ensures it operates safely, intuitively, and effectively for users and search engines, great web design requires technical web development competence.

We provide complete web development solutions through our professionals. Through our creativity, objectivity, and innovation, we will develop a website that offers a real digital picture of your brand. We will bring your concept through a structured, researched, and consultative path.

Our strategy, technological know-how, and craftsmanship ensure that your website not only looks fantastic but also performs at scale and speed, providing superior performance across the online channel and a smooth user experience that may advance your brand.

To know more about web development in Canada

Why do you need a professional web development company in Canada?

There should be more to your website than just an online brochure. It needs to generate leads, boost revenue, and promote return visitors. What is the point, otherwise? Your website may appear good, but if it’s full of development errors, pointless code, and broken links and buttons, it won’t convert.

A reliable web development company in Canada creates reliable development plans that can help put your objectives in focus at every stage.

You’ll see results that will really benefit your company, whether you add layered navigation to increase shopping efficiency, develop a “live chat” function to enhance customer support, or design and build an entirely new website.

Why do you need to redesign your website?

If no one is visiting your website, there may be a problem. This can be the result of poor messaging or inadequate material. Here are some reasons why your website may not be getting enough traffic and needs immediate attention:

  • Traditional design & tech

This might make your website look aesthetically drab and challenging to use, which is quite alluring to users.

  • Lack of mobile compatibility

Users leave websites with poor optimization in 72% of cases. Search engines will not let your website show up on the first page of search results if it is not responsive to different screen sizes.

  • Low search volume

A search engine is where 93% of all internet activities begin. If your website is not well-positioned on Google, you cannot expect those clients to find you there.

  • Slow operational speed

Did you know that four out of ten times, visitors or consumers quit websites that take longer than three seconds to load? Your rebuilt website will load considerably more quickly thanks to a variety of optimization measures that we may employ.

What is a responsive website and why do you need one?

According to the principle of responsive web design, design, and development should adapt to the environment and behavior of users based on factors such as screen size, platform, and orientation.

The user experience will be seamless for every user on every device. Lead generation, sales, and conversions may all be improved with a consistent experience. It expands client and consumer reach. Analytics may be managed and tracked more easily in one location.

What makes Techpotam a responsible web development company in Canada?

With the most recent technology and the exceptional expertise of our staff, Pixelette Technologies builds and optimizes the performance of your website. You should think about using our web development services for the following key reasons:-

  • Affordability

Since we are aware of the importance of cost to businesses, we collaborate closely with them to develop solutions that are within their price range. 

  • Values

Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing top-notch quality and thinks that developing values is the key to our and our clients’ long-term success.

  • Data security

We make sure that your website functions well, is responsive, and appears consistently on every device or platform. Additionally, we aim to locate and remove any security hazards.

Does Techpotam offer web development services in other locations?

Yes. Techpotam is established in different parts of the canada as well as other countries. Other than web development company in canada, you can find us at, and as:


Apart from these countries, we are providing web development services in their popular cities as well:

  • Web development company in Ontario
  • Web development company in Toronto
  • Web development companies in Vancouver
  • Web development agency in Calgary


How to get started with Techpotam for a web development project?

Our process of collaborating with your company is quite simple. You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Fill up our contact us form.
  2. We will get in touch with you to arrange a call or meetup
  3. Then we understand your core project requirements while gathering the needed.
  4. We propose the solution along with the documentation.
  5. We start the development while delivering reports every week.
  6. Run tests on the final product to get your feedback
  7. After optimizations, we deliver the website and launch it.


In case, you need any input in between the development process, our web developers in canada will implement them accordingly. Post development, our team will provide support and maintenance services to keep your product’s performance well.