How much does it cost to build a web app?

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There are several reasons why you should begin a project. Perhaps you require a new method of communicating with your customers/employees, or you wish to establish a new platform for selling things. Whatever the cause, there are a few things to consider before beginning web application development.

First and foremost, identifying what you want to accomplish is critical. Do you want to establish an internet presence for your company? Create an online store? Create a more engaged communication style with your customers. Or perhaps you want to build a trading system. When you know what you want, it’s easier to find the right tools and resources.

These web apps are now more than just a webpage. According to PRNewswire, the web apps industry is estimated to reach $10,149 million by 2027.

What is the typical cost of web application development, to return to the larger frog in the room? To be clear, there is no one number that applies to everything here.

Instead, other factors influence the real cost of web application development, one of which is time.

Factors that impact web app development cost

Some of you may be wondering why the cost of web application development is so expensive. Let us explain it to you!

1- The Complexity of the Idea

A simple gaming app or a gaming app with a purchase option? Which one would you like to build? Well, most of us would like the simple one as it has a lower price. However, the other option will be great for monetization.

Anyway, the key factor in understanding here is that the application that will have more complex features will be more costly. At first, you may not realize this, but by discussing your idea with a software development partner, you will get to know about it.

2- Technical Solution’s Complexity

So, the complexity of the entire web app will be in front of you, dependent on the intricacy of the initial idea and the restrictions that must be followed. Keeping this in mind, you will need to assemble a squad.

The amount of complexity influences the team’s level and, as a result, the cost of bespoke web application development. The typical cost of web application development is determined by two factors: the project’s size and complexity.

To create a high-quality web app, you must pay particular attention to the skills of the individuals you hire. The more complicated the web app solution, the more qualified personnel you will require.

3- Tech stack for web app development

Suggestions for technology stacksBecause the exploration step will educate you on practically all of the web app needs, shortlisting the needed tech stack for the app will be simple.

The following is the technology stack necessary for web app development:

  • Javascript is used as the frontend.
  • Backend languages include Ruby, Scala, Python, and others.
  • MongoDB and MySQL databases; Apache servers

The tech stack includes technologies used for databases, SaaS, frontend, backend, design, and so on. These factors can also have an impact on the typical cost of web application development.

The majority of them are free and open-source, however, some advanced applications may need payment.

4- Non-Functional Prerequisites

The cost of web application development is also affected by a web app’s background performance. This comprises the user’s access to speed, scalability, capacity, and security. You may have also heard the words low-loaded and high-loaded web applications.

These simply relate to the number of people that are expected to utilize the web app at the same time. Web apps for hundreds of thousands of users will certainly cost far more than an internal web app for a few hundred users.

5- Development Team Location 

The location where you recruit a development team is the last but not least significant consideration. varying countries have varying rates. Hiring a Developer from Canada, for example, will cost you roughly $160, whilst hiring one from Ukraine will cost you $60. 

The type of outsourcing is also important. Offshoring is always the most cost-effective alternative, whereas onshoring is the most expensive.

6- Scope of work (SOW)

The first step in evaluating the cost of a web app is determining the scope of work. The scope of your online application might be as broad as Netflix’s or as small as a school administration system.

As a result, it is critical to define what functionality and services your web app will deliver to consumers. This is further condensed down to the audience for whom you intend to create a web app and the function it serves.

7- Documentation & support

It is critical to ensure that the web app is well-documented and has available support. Written instructions, screencasts, FAQs, and user manuals are all examples of documentation.

Furthermore, help might include both technical assistance and forum participation. While it is not required for every web app development process, offering proper documentation and support ensures that people can use and enjoy the end product.

Process of developing a web application

When developing a web application, it is critical to keep the scope of work in mind. This will aid in determining the expected cost and timeline. Web app development generally entails a discovery phase, followed by design, coding, testing, and deployment.

So here are some things to think about:

1- Discovery Phase

You should initially select your target market during the discovery phase. Following that, you must choose what features your app will have and how much they will cost. When you’ve figured out everything else, it’s time to start working on a design.

2- Design Phase

This step involves developing a frontend or backend interface for your web project. Everything from creating the layout and icons to selecting the appropriate fonts and colors is included.

3- Development of a minimum viable product (MVP).

During this phase, you should design a product with as few features and capabilities as feasible. This enables early input and involvement with potential customers, which may assist assess whether the product concept is viable and whether any further features or adjustments are required.

4- Security & technical support

This is the time when the web app receives security patches, bug fixes, and new features. It is critical that the web app remains a viable choice for users. Updates are also made accessible to existing customers who have purchased the app during this time.

Concluding web app development cost

Adding additional features might increase the cost of web app development. That is why, to minimize unforeseen costs later on, it is critical to specify each feature precisely throughout the planning process.

The cost of developing a web app varies depending on the application’s complexity, team size, and location. 

  • A basic web application would cost somewhere between $12,000 and $40,000.
  • The cost of developing a new web application might range between $50,000 and $70,000.
  • A medium-complexity web application can range in price from $50,000 to $150,000.
  • A complicated or enterprise-level web application will cost more than $150,000 to develop.

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