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Building a business-oriented website or web application is what we do best as your trusted web development company in Birmingham. Our team of designers, developers, testers, and project managers handles your expectations very well. And hence, you’ll never get a chance to face any obstacle in the journey.

Expertise of a reliable web development agency in Birmingham - Techpotam

Our team provides businesses of all scales with web development services needed to achieve their business goals.

Custom web application development

People spend more time utilising apps, websites, and browsing, therefore a business should place high importance on having a well-designed website. Our company offers custom web development services, which entails that we construct websites and online applications in accordance with your needs.

MVP Development

The easiest approach to get early user input on your web app concept is using a Minimum Viable Product or MVP. You may increase the value of your business by creating an MVP, which will also help you maximise your work and provide you with data for future planning.

Headless CMS development

You can manage content across several platforms with a headless CMS. Additionally, because you can conceal from direct outside access, it is more secure than a conventional one. Techpotam is prepared to help you design applications to establish a headless CMS.

PWA development

Businesses may give their clients a mobile experience that is similar to a native one without developing a mobile app by using progressive web apps. PWAs offer a superior cross-platform user experience while being affordable and reliable.

UI/UX design
for web

Design patterns and contemporary tools are available to our staff. We blend aesthetically stunning design with a practical and simple user interface. The typefaces and animations, for example, are given careful consideration by our design team.

Web portal development

With our full range of portal development services, from web portal design, development, and modernization to consultation, you can give your audience a seamless digital experience. We have everything you need, whether you require a bespoke portal powered by the newest tech stack or an advanced enterprise-level web portal.

Support & maintenance

The effort is not done after your web application is finished and published: Yellow offers you ongoing website support and upkeep services. We guarantee that when consumers visit your website or platform they will be happy.

What makes our web development services in Birmingham reliable?

Here is what competitive advantage you can get if you choose web application development for your business.


Our experts will help you choose the appropriate framework for your project, develop a timeline with features that are prioritised, and establish deadlines.

Focused on quality outcomes

You may be confident that our bespoke web development business in the UK will entrust your project to capable middle and senior web development professionals.

Global establishment

We are pleased to welcome you to our offices in other parts of the UK – London, Liverpool, and Manchester, and other countries as well.

Complete satisfactory

We care about producing the greatest project outcomes, not just completing orders. Our full-stack team constantly aspires to go above and beyond what clients anticipate.

On-schedule deliveries

A trustworthy project manager, an accountable account manager, and a committed group of web design and development experts routinely meet timelines and budget expectations.

Simple & effective strategies

We employ the Agile technique and a Scrum approach to deliver our custom web development services in the UK and Switzerland. This maximises transparency in both cooperation and tracking of progress.

How do we develop web solutions?

Techpotam is an established web agency in Birmingham that attains a secure, scalable, and qualitative approach while building business-oriented solutions. Here is a glimpse of our web development process:

Research & analysis

First, our team will do some research on your idea and develop an analytical approach to succeed. They understand your requirements to ensure accurate measures are taken while building your product.

Wireframing & prototyping

According to the requirements, we will build wireframes and prototypes to mould them into the website’s architecture. This will help to know whether the team is on the right track or not before designing the interfaces.

UI-UX design

Our UI/UX web designers will make sure to build screens and landing pages as per the finalised prototypes. Using interactive elements and plugins, they ensure to create enticing and dynamic web designs.

Development & review

Techpotam has a team of professional web developers in Birmingham who can develop and execute bug-free codebases. They make sure to maintain the quality and accurate working of the logic through frontend and backend development.

Testing & bug-fixing

Once they implement codebases, they start debugging and create test cases. As a result, the codes will be optimised as per the logic and refine the functionalities to make sure everything is working properly.

Deploy & launch

After the final review, our web developers in Birmingham will deploy your website and ensure its successful launch. We keep everything on track to meet your end goals with complete integrity and transparency.

Maintenance & support

Once the website is deployed, we’ll take care of everything from regular health checks to upgrading the functionalities. As a reliable web development company in Birmingham, we focus on maintaining the consistent performance of your product.

Industries we serve

As an experienced web development company in Birmingham, we work with a wide array of business areas and industry verticals.


Almost any financial institution may benefit from a competent online application. You will require web development whether it’s a platform for customers to pay and apply for credit or a platform for staff to monitor their activities and improve operational efficiency.


For the travel sector, web solutions are extremely important. Websites or web apps are required for the operation of hotels, tourist attractions, and review services. Our group of highly skilled web app developers is available to assist.


People have a fantastic opportunity to expand their skill set through online learning. Due to the growing desire among people to impart their knowledge on others, web-based e-learning services have seen a recent increase in popularity. Application development is becoming more common in Edtech because of this.

Retail & ECommerce

People buy a ton of things online now that we have the Internet. Clothing, food, home goods, cosmetics, repair tools, and a variety of services are also included. Use Techpotam to create your own online store.

Health & Fitness

The health and fitness sector is expanding. Web solutions that may be readily customised and managed are becoming more and more popular. You may create and deploy a user-friendly, specialised web fitness application with Techpotam’s assistance.


The transportation sector is no stranger to web development initiatives. A website for ordering deliveries, a web platform for purchasing logistics services, and an internal system for tracking drivers and vehicles are some of the potential options.

Design, Build, Deploy - At one place

Building a website from the bottom up requires a lot of expertise and experience. A website that is glitzy but unusable, out-of-date, or challenging to manage won’t be of much use to you in the long term.

A development team at Techpotam is capable of creating intranets, landing pages, and other types of websites with as much or as little bespoke functionality as you want.

Our experts can create anything you need, whether it’s a strong ecommerce platform that enables you to promote and sell things, a gallery or portfolio to highlight your services, or anything in between.

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Why choose web development in Birmingham?

To take advantage of new markets and grow your business in the modern digital environment, it is essential to keep in touch with your clients and potential clients.


Without a web presence, you instantly forfeit the chance to connect with your target market and build brand recognition. Create a personalized, dynamic website to get market referrals and consumer confidence.

Why you should invest in a responsive web development agency in Birmingham?

Investing in flexible web design & development agency in Birmingham will help to increase consumer confidence in your company’s products. Our web design firm offers services for creating SEO-friendly websites that are intended to improve your search engine rankings, broaden your internet exposure, and turn website visitors into paying clients.